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Judith Driscoll

Judith Driscoll

We can show how to get uniform, low temperature grown, CMOS compatible materials with excellent endurance and retention.


Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy
University of Cambridge
27 Charles Babbage Road
United Kingdom

Driscoll Research Group

Research Field and Activities

  • Thin films, nanostructuring and interfaces
  • Neural processing systemsArtificial Superlattice Structures
  • Heteroepitaxial nanocomposite films

Short Biography

Judith Driscoll is a professor at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at University of Cambridge and also a Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies. Her group’s research is concerned with the nanoscale design and tuning of functional oxide thin film materials for energy efficient electronic applications. Their particular focus is oxide thin films owing to their wide range of functionalities and their stability. However, their compositions tend to be complex, defects are prevalent, and interface effects play a strong role. Also, for many applications device structural dimensions are required down to nanometre length-scales. Together, all these factors produce exciting challenges for the materials scientist.


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as main inventor:

  • e.g. Memristor Comprising Film with Comb-like Structure of Nanocolumns of Metal Oxide Embedded in a Metal Oxide Matrix U.S. patent application US9029985 B2, published 2015.