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Heidemarie Schmidt

Heidemarie Schmidt


Prof. Dr. Heidemarie Schmidt

Professor for Solid State Physics and Quantum Detection at FSU Jena and Head of the Research Department Quantum Detection at the Leibniz-IPHT, Jena

+49 371 45001-219

Short Biography

Prof. Heidemarie Schmidt is a graduate physicist. Since 2017 she is heading the Quantum Detection Department at Leibniz-IPHT and the Solid State Physics group with a focus on quantum detection at the FSU Jena. Prof. Schmidt is a recognized expert in the development and manufacture of electroforming-free memristors. On the one hand, there is the bipolar analog BiFeO3 memristor for robust, sensor-related processing of analog data (Edge Computing), for setting up certifiable and trainable neural networks (IoT, Industry 4.0) and for PUF crypto elements (trustworthy electronics). On the other hand, there is the unipolar, digital YMnO3 memristor for RNG crypto elements (trustworthy electronics). Prof. Schmidt is building up a portfolio of basic and application patents for electroforming-free memristors (2011-2016 at HZDR, since 2016 at FhI ENAS). The BiFeO3 memristor has all the characteristics of an ideal, analog memristor.