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Adnan Mehonic

Adnan Mehonic


Dr. Adnan Mehonic
University College London
Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Torrington Place – London WC1E 7JE

+44(0)20 7679 3162

At University Colleg London

Research Field and Activities

  • Neuromorphic systems based on nano electronic resistance switching devices
  • Fabrication and characterization of resistive switching devices
  • Numerical methods

Short Biography

Dr Adnan Mehonic is a Lecturer and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow in Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UCL and a Member of the Institute of Physics. He has been awarded a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship to investigate neuromorphic applications of memristors. For the last 8 years, during which he pioneered memristance in intrinsic silicon oxide, he has built an enviable international reputation in the field, and is regularly invited to speak at major conferences. He is working on non-von Neumann computing paradigms where the physics of memristive devices is harnessed to perform both memory and computing in the same medium without the need to shuttle data between memory and processing units. His work includes co-design of devices, circuits and algorithms that would enable on-chip implementation of machine learning/artificial intelligence. He also works on non-conventional methods for information processing (e.g. spike-based computing). He is co-founder and co-director of Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies. (

References / Teachings

Adnan Mehonic teaches courses in experimental techniques for nanotechnology, numerical methods and modeling of microelectronic devices.

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